Legal Consulting

I act as a legal consultant to lawyers, legal organizations, non-legal professionals and clients to provide expert advice, opinions, mentoring and support in the following practice areas:

  • family law and practice - litigation: chambers and trial advocacy, affidavit and pleadings drafting, chambers and trial preparation; chambers attendance on agency basis; collaborative family law and divorce, family law mediation, strategies and support in negotiation; legal fee taxation reviews.

  • civil law practice - litigation: chambers and trial advocacy, affidavit and pleadings drafting, chambers and  trial preparation, preparation for examination for discoveries, effective oral submission support.

  • creditor's remedies and debt collection - expertise in Supreme Court and Small Claims Court debt collection remedies including pre-judgment and post-judgment execution strategies, practice and procedure.

  • alternate dispute resolution - my extensive background in mediation, collaborative law and skilled negotiation enables me to provide support and advice in these areas. I am also available to assist clients in mediation processes, settlement and pre-trial conferences.

Locum for Lawyers

Need a break? Maternity/Parental Leave? Sudden Illness? Overwhelmed?

I can step into a small law firm/solo practice or for a lawyer in a larger firm and supervise staff and ensure that your clients are taken care of with a high level of competency and professionalism. My many years of running my own practice, combined with 10 years of teaching practice standards, law office management and professional responsibility at the Law Society of BC have provided me with the experience and confidence to ensure your practice is in good hands. I can cover most areas of practice for the solo general practitioner. I am flexible, adaptable and personable and am very comfortable assessing workplace dynamics and ensuring a smooth-running office.  I can be available full or part-time and can arrange telephone support. I am prepared to travel in certain circumstances outside of the lower mainland.  I can work on-site or remotely - please contact me to discuss your needs and fee arrangements.

Hillcrest Law & Mediation
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Legal Consulting & Locum