Presentations & Workshops 

I have spent most of my professional career providing legal educational presentations, workshops, seminars and talks. I am frequently hired by legal organizations to design and present workshops and seminars on various legal topics. As a professional instructor at the Law Society of BC's Bar Admission course (Professional Legal Training Course - PLTC) for 10 years, I have the knowledge and experience to research, create, design and present a wide range of courses. I conduct in-person and webinar courses. For a complete listing of my PLTC teaching experience and of my other training and presentation work, please see below.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Law Society of BC requires all lawyers practicing in British Columbia to complete 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each calendar year.  At least two of the 12 hours must pertain to any combination of professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, or practice management. I design and present a full range of CPD courses, catered to your firm's specific needs. I can save your firm time and money by providing CPD on-sight using formats that work for your office environment. I am pleased to attend your office to discuss your firm's needs.

Legal Presentations & Workshops

I am a skilled presenter and workshop facilitator. I have created and presented "lunch & learn" seminars, interactive workshops, lectures and skills-based educational courses. My audiences and learners have included:  lawyers, mental health professionals, law students, paralegals, legal advocates, legal intake workers, immigration workers, domestic violence workers and the general public. I have provided trainings for organizations such as the Continuing Legal Education Society, the Law Foundation of BC, the Legal Services Society of BC, the Canadian Bar Association and many others. I am pleased to speak with your organization about how I can create a presentation or workshop to assist your staff.

The Law Society of BC - Professional Legal Training Course Instructor 2004-14

I instructed articling students in the PLTC curriculum: family law, civil & criminal procedure, wills & estates, real estate, collections, corporate & commercial, practice management, professional responsibility & ethics, legal advocacy, legal writing & drafting, and client interviewing.

  • prepared, created and updated bar exams, assignments and assessments.
  • completely re-wrote family law exams in 2013.
  • marked exams, assessments and student appeals.
  • trained and coached PLTC contract instructors; mentored and tutored students.

Responsible for annually updating the following instructor and student course materials:

Family Law Practice (complete re-writes in 2005, 2010 (SC Family Rules) and 2013 (Family Law Act). Negotiation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (re-writes in 2006 and 2011, including  editing DVD materials.

Practice Management and Professional Legal Ethics (in 2012 re-scripted, produced and acted as lawyer in ethics DVD).

Workshops, Trainings & Presentations

  • Creator & Moderator, CBA Webinar- The Curious Case of Aging Clients - How Lawyers Should be Curious About Aging Clients' Needs, April 2018
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA Webinar - Anatomy of a Document: Documentary Evidence - how to assess it, organize it and submit it at trial, November 2017
  • Presenter, Law Foundation of BC Legal Advocate Supervisory Lawyers' Conference - File Management for Legal Advocates, October 2017
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar High Conflict Clients II: Get out and Get paid without Complaints, April 2017
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar High Conflict Clients I: Bullies, Blamers & Complainers, 
    January, 2017
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar Litigation Skills Series Module 3 - Trial Preparation: Trial Without Error - Top Trial Preparation Tips, May 2016
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar Litigation Skills Series Module 2 - Examination for Discovery: The XFD Files - the Truth is out There, April 2016
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar Litigation Skills Series Module 1 - Affidavit Drafting: The Inconvenient Truth - Not all Affidavits are Created Equal, February 2016 
  • Creator & Moderator, CBA webinar Technology for New Users: How to Use Technology in a New or Existing Practice for $200 a month, November 2015
  • Presenter, Examination for Discovery for Self-Represented Family Litigants and Child/Spousal Support Issues - Law Foundation of BC Legal Advocate Training Conference October 2015
  • Moderator & Presenter, CBA webinar Family Law Violence Screening, June 2015
  • Creator & Presenter, UBC Law Common Law LLM Workshop BC Lawyer Skills May 2015
  • Presenter, Legal Services Society Settlement Worker Conference Family Law Issues March 2015
  • Panelist, CLE webinar – New Family Supreme Court Rules for Legal Assistants 2010
  • Presenter, Legal Services Society – New Family Supreme Court Rules 2010
  • Trainer, Family Law Advocacy, Negotiation Skills and Examination for Discovery Preparation Workshops - Law Foundation of BC Legal Advocate Training Conferences 2005 to 2011
  • Presenter, Contract Drafting - Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee Legal Department 2009
  • Faculty, CLE Collaborative Separation & Divorce Trainings *2001-2003 (*Winner of ACLEA Award most innovative CLE training for 2001)
  • Presenter, Department of Justice Canada Collaborative Trainers’ Retreat 2003
  • Presentation and Interview, Collaborative Divorce- Bill Good CKNW Radio 2003
  • Presentation, Collaborative Law - Lawyers Assistance Program Workshop 2002
  • Trainer, Collaborative Divorce 2 day training - Nelson, BC 2002
  • Co-Presentation, Collaborative Divorce Lawyer & Coach - New Westminster 2002
  • Presentation, Family Law for Collaborative Divorce Coaches 2000
  • Instructor, Family Law Course - Vancouver School Board Adult Education 1999-2000

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